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Custom WP-CLI command and Unit testing with PHPUnit

WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress to interact, manage and maintain it. Writing some custom CLI commands are necessary when we manage a large customised website or a complex plugin. It’s obvious that we need to write PHPUnit tests… Continue Reading →

Unit Testing Custom WordPress REST API

In a real-world scenario, we have to write some custom REST API endpoints to satisfy our business requirements, as one shoe will not fit for all right? So how do we make sure that our custom REST API always works… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to unit testing WordPress plugin using PHPUnit

Doing a complete test of our code is very important whenever we make some code changes or release a new version to make sure new functionality doesn’t break the existing ones. Doing it all manually is the very hard part… Continue Reading →

TDD; The Right Way

Test Driven Development (TDD) the right way. It is a process or practice of writing software that proves and satisfies the requirements.

packet_write_wait: Connection to XXX : Broken pipe

When you are connected to the remote machine or server you tend to get this error. It will be very hard when we are importing large database into the server. There are few things we can do to speed up… Continue Reading →

Speed up bulk database importing

Importing database is an obvious task for every developer in their work cycle. When we are importing a bulk database into any other environments like local or cloud it will take minutes, hours or days based on the database size… Continue Reading →

How to update AMP cache on Google?

So you are using AMP for your website, that’s great. AMP is one of the best way to increase the traffic to your site. Often confused how AMP is cached in Google and when the content is updated in cache?… Continue Reading →

How to show video thumbnail in Google search results

A picture is worth a thousand words Images will attract more attention rather than the words. So how about adding a video thumbnail of your post in the Google Search Results?   Google can show video thumbnails on the search results when you… Continue Reading →

How to add Google AdSense to your WordPress site

What is Google AdSense? Google AdSense is the most popular advertising network which runs by Google that allows website owners, bloggers to monetize their content by showing advertisements in the form of text, image, video on the site. Google AdSense… Continue Reading →

Google Search Console: Image size smaller than recommended size

Have you noticed number of warning increasing for your sites AMP in Google Search Console regarding Image size smaller than recommended size? Did you confused what has changed over night in your site? Nothing to get confused, Google has changed… Continue Reading →

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